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Tropical Fish

Tropical Fish at Lynwood Aquatics Tropical fish are easy to keep with a huge range of species available. Tropical fish vary in size and we divide into two groups, small community for small and large setups and large tropicals, which include predator fish, for the bigger set up (200 litres upwards). We have a choice selection of Malawi Chichlids available.

For small community fish we generally stock the fish listed below. If you cannot see what you are after call us on 020 8391 2613.

Peaceful Fish; Neon Tetras, Cardinal Tetras, Black Neon Tetras, Rummy Nose Tetras, Glowlight Tetras, Harlequin Rasboras, Albino Corydoras, Panda Corydoras, Sterbai Corydoras, Julii Corydoras, Bronze Corydoras, Pepper Corydoras, Dwarf Gouramis, Honey Gouramis, Standard and Golden Minnows, Clown Loaches, Guppies (big range), Platys, Mollys, Swordtails and more.

Fin Nippers; Serpae Tetras, Pristella Tetras, Red Eye Tetras, Black/White Widow (Phantom) Tetras, Danios (approx 5 varieties).

Algae Eaters; Otocinclus, Dwarf Bristlenose and Rubber Nose Plecostomus (5-6" fully grown), Siamese Algae Eaters.



We have a choice selection of Malawi Chichlids available, including, Red Peacocks, Yellow Peacocks, Strawberry OB Super Reds, Aulonocara Maulana.

2" £8.95 each
3 - 4" £13.95 each
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