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Lynwood Aquatics

We offer an impressive selection of marine, tropical and freshwater fish, and all the accessories and products required by the aquarist. Established since 1977. One of the largest aquatic stores in the UK for marine fish, tropical fish and coldwater fish based in Tolworth, Surrey. Also a large selection of aquatic plants, aquariums, fish tanks, books and accessories are available instore.

Our experienced staff have a vast knowledge of all aquatic issues and can offer expert advice on choosing an aquarium, how to set up a new tank, which fish can be put together, looking after your water quality, generally everything to make your fish happy and you the customer, enjoy your aquaruim to the maximum whether it is a 20 litre or 2000 litre setup. We believe that the well informed aquarists make the best customers and with a visit to our store you can get all the advice you need.

An Introduction to Lynwood Aquatics



We are a family run business based in Surrey founded by George Hudson in 1977.

Located on the slip road alongside A3 from Tolworth to Ace of Spades.



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Live Plants:

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Tropical Fish:

Marine Fish:

Updated: 30-06-2024

Aquarium Installs &


We undertake Installations, either full set ups or just equipment set up.

We also offer Maintenance services for regular or one off services.



Give your fish a treat, wide range available.


Blood Worms

River Shrimp


Brine Shrimp


Live Food

Price Match

Lynwoods Price Match

At Lynwoods we aim to match OR beat prices on hardgoods.
If you find a price cheaper than us from a legitimate company let us know and we will do our best. Unfortunately this does not cover goods from Amazon or eBay.

Get in touch and see what we can do on 020 8391 2613.

Marine Fish

Since Finding Nemo was released in to our cinemas there has been a huge increase in people wanting to keep Marine fish. This is because of the vast amount of unusual, colourful and different species available. Well tell your kids the good news - Nemo (clown fish) and his friends can be found at Lynwood Aquatics.
Give us a call for prices.

A lot of people seem to think that keeping Marine fish is a bit of a challenge, well it's not quite as hard as you would think. Once you have the initial set up it is actually quite easy to maintain. Our accessories make yours and your fishes life easier and happier.

Tropical Fish

Tropical fish are also easy to keep with a huge range of species available. Tropical fish vary in size depending on your budget and available space. There are smaller fish for smaller enclosures. If space is not an issue then you can go for the bigger fish such as Oscars or Arrowanna, these can grow up to 8ft in length, ideal if you are looking for extravagant fish and a larger set up.

We always have a large selection of the most popular tropicals such as: Angels, Guppies, Swordtails, Tetras, Mollies, Barbs etc.

Malawi Chichlids now in stock again. We have a choice selection of Malawi Chichlids available, hand picked for colour and quality.



We have a choice selection of Malawi Chichlids available, including, Red Peacocks, Yellow Peacocks, Strawberry OB Super Reds, Aulonocara Maulana.

2" £8.95 each
3 - 4" £13.95 each

Cold Water Fish

Cold Water fish, again there are lots to choose from. Cold water fancy's such as Black Moors, Lionheads, Red Caps, Bubble Eyes and of course the popular Goldfish can all be kept and appreciated in a tank at home. Small set-ups start from £40 (equipment only).

If you prefer to keep your fish outside in a pond or water feature there are the large, medium and small goldfish in stock depending on the season.

Reef Hopping visits Lynwood Aquatics

How to keep healthy fish

Quality of water
This always comes down to good filtration and regular Water changes whether it is Marine fish, Tropical fish or Cold Water fish.

Look after your fish
If there seems to be a problem, don't hang on and hope it goes away. Always contact your aquatic dealer for Professional advice.

Things to look out for
Ph + Kh levels must be correct for the species of fish. Nitrate, Nitrite & Oxygen levels must be monitored. (Bear in mind the warmer the water, the lower the Oxygen levels. Summer can be a dangerous time for ponds!)

Feeding your fish
You should always use good quality food. Make sure that you have the correct food for the specific type of fish.

New Set Up
Please note when you are introducing fish to a new set up, make sure that your aquatics dealer knows this when you go to buy your fish.

* Read more on our Fish Care page.

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