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Coldwater Fish, Tropical Fish and Marine Fish at Lynwood Aquatics



Tropical fish are easy to keep with a huge range of species available. Tropical fish vary in size and we divide into two groups, small community for small and large setups and large tropicals, which include predator fish, for the bigger set up (200 litres upwards).

If space is not an issue then you can go for the bigger fish such as Oscars or Arrowanna.



Since Finding Nemo was released in to our cinemas there has been a huge increase in people wanting to keep Marine fish. This is because of the vast amount of unusual, colourful and different species available.

Well tell your kids the good news - Nemo (clown fish) and his friends can be found at Lynwood Aquatics.

Cold Water


Cold Water fish, again there are lots to choose from. Cold water fancy's such as Black Moors, Lionheads, Red Caps, Bubble Eyes and of course the popular Goldfish can all be kept and appreciated in a tank at home. Small set-ups start from £40 (equipment only).

Cold Water Fish work well in large setups allowing for a variety of fancy's.

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