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Pontec. Fascination water garden.

Energising bubbling water, relaxing splashing water, quiet observation of animals – in short, the garden pond is a veritable dream for many garden owners!

Make this dream into a living fascination and get started with Pontec! With Pontec you can easily and without any complications whatsoever, take the first step toward a garden You do not need to page through gardening books; the product range is structured clearly and understandably and offers everything that you need.

With our more than 10 years of experience we have continuously further developed, improved, and above all made our products even more practical for you! Once you have fulfilled your dream, things should be easy. And Pontec helps you in this regard!

What makes Pontec special for you:

  • Practical sets of optimally matched products make the selection particularly easy for you. You should have pond size and volume ready to hand.
  • With the optimal Pontec price-performance ratio you get quality-crafted products at good prices.
  • You can rely on the Pontec product quality, guarantees between 2 and 15 years are provided. And with the Pontec Clear Water Guarantee (see conditions) you even have the assurance that your garden pond has guaranteed clear water.
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